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Empty Blog | A cutting edge blog in development (main)

2020-08-16 - blog entry edited

This is the first entry

This is a clean version of the template that I use for my COVID-19 blog that I started back in March.

As a matter of making this project portable, I have created a new empty blog to work with.  Any time someone wants to make use of this program, I just need to duplicate this folder and create the associated database.

That's about all there is to it.

Edit: 2020-12-30

I originally wrote that a couple of weeks ago now.  in the time since, I have made all sorts of major upgrades to this thing.  I will be adding a subsection with a full set of capabilities that this thing comes with.  New additions include:

  • The ability to add new blogs, in addition to the main one
  • Color customization, with themes
  • Full WYSIWYG editor.  Probably better known as a "rich text" editor. (it generates the HTML for you)
  • A few other things that I can't think of right now

If you are interested in knowing more, like, if you would like to have a version of this software for yourself, please contact me.

2020-05-02 - Day 48

Today was a nice day

Got to Lowes.  Got some stuff.  Planted a new tree to replace 3 that I took out.  That is all.