What's this all about?

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The story goes like this...

I used to own this domain. I made the mistake of letting it expire. Some jerkoff poached the domain name and kept hold of it. They refused to release it unless I purchased from them for some few $1000. There was no way the domain was worth that much to me, so I abandoned it.

This goes back some 10 years ago, or something...

Recently I was talking about that situation again and figured it was time to see if the domain had been freed up. It was!! So I bought it again. And now, since I'm in a way better position to maintain these sorts of things, I'm holding it forever!

As of this moment - 2019-01-17

I haven't done much with this page since the initial set up. I would really like to do more. I have just been busy with other projects. It is not done yet. If it doesn't look complete, it's because it's not complete.

So what else happened?

In the time since this all happened, I have maintained my company and have been doing business. A few years ago, I purchased a shorter version of this domain name and rebuilt the entire brand based on that.

So today I am doing business as Dpoisn LLC. Yes, I actually made my company legit. And business is going really well.

On top of the world

What does the company do?

Here are some good examples of the sorts of work I've been doing over the years

DPoisn.com Main site

The original site is still around and has evolved considerably over the years.  

View Portfolio
Affordable Shared Hosting

I expanded my business to handle web hosting on my own rather than having my clients create new hosting accounts elsewhere.

Mobile development

I started with Android first, added iOS later. I have 20 or so apps on the various stores now!

Download Apps
Totally Fake News Here

A site dedicated to news satire. Also an excuse for a pretty cool data driven app. For the most part I try to remain anonymous as the author.

Check it out
Twitter Bot

Twitter Bots. There is a whole story here... Just read the story.

Read Story
Cryptocurreny Mining

This started with "BitCoin Mining... Is it worth it?" Then moved on to, "Mine other things..."  

Read more



A few words about this template...

This particular template is absolutely awesome. It's clean and nice looking. It's great for a single page information site like this.

I totally horked the template from some other internet person who claims to be great at being a "Code Rescue Guru", or some nonsense.
I mock this person because their entire internet presence was this page. And this page was generated using some WYSIWYG system. So there were coding errors, orphaned tags, super-long IDs on elements like "you-need-a-world-class-expert-to-help-you-build-the-best-technologies-for-your-business", bullshit stock graphics, etc... All things that a Code Rescue Guru would immediately clear out of sites they were trying to rescue. They sure as hell wouldn't leave nonsense like that in their OWN site that is advertising their service!

But I couldn't deny that I really liked the layout a lot. So my version is here...

If I think of anything else it will go here

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